Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge - T is for Taking Risks

As an extrovert on the outside and an introvert on the inside, taking risks is very difficult for me.  But let's face it, taking risks is the only way to achieve anything truly meaningful.

The risks don't have to be monumental.  There is no way I'm ever going to jump out of a plane to show how brave I am, or go crawling into a pitch-black cave to prove I'm over my crippling claustrophobia.  That would only end with me folded into the fetal position, shaking uncontrolably, murmuring nonsensical words over and over again while drool drips down my chin. 

I'm talking about writing, even thought you know it isn't perfect, and later showing that writing to someone else.  Or taking the plunge and putting a personal experience into your writing, knowing some may attribute it to you, but accepting it nonetheless.

That happened to me recently, in fact.  I started a new book (which I'm REALLY excited about, by the way), but the first chapter is a hugely personal experience, one that I never shared with anyone other than my husband, in fact.  So knowing that I intend to see this book through to the end and one day share it with others, is a huge risk for me.  I worry that I'll be judged and that others won't understand and will mock me for it. 

But I also know that some people will completely get what I'm saying, and will thank me for sharing this experience one day, so it is worth the risk.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself. 

It's a scary experience, risk-taking, but one that I think every writer needs to do.

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