Thursday, April 24, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge - U is for Unfair Judgement

I've been known to tell my students that the world is not a kind place to the uneducated. 

I see it everday.  Educated people judge those who are not educated, or at least those whom they perceive as uneducated.  People are judged by their writing, by their speech, by their knowledge, or lack thereof.  With one slip, they can be lumped into the "uneducated" category and the world's expectations for them drop drastically, almost always to their detriment.

This sounds mean, and fundamentally, it is very, very wrong.  But I see it all the time, which is why I encourage my kiddos to apply themselves in school, to master the art of writing, reading and speaking publically.  One day they will be called upon to do these things, no matter what they pursue after high school, and they will be judged, whether it is wrong or not.

We want to make teenager's learning experiences real.  Why not tell them the truth?  They'll be judged mercilessly as adults, and they should know that early on.  We don't teach them to bore them to tears.  We teach them to survive in a brutal world where they will be in constant competition with their peers, and it's best that the know and understand that fact early on.

If you want to help a teenager, tell them the truth.  Tell them how important reading, writing and speaking will be in their adult life.  Because those elements are important, whether they want them to be or not.

Beth - ?
Reading, Writing, Speaking - 1 and beyond 


  1. I loved your take on unfair. Judgment cannot be avoided it is in the unfairness of it where we make our error. Teens should know about that. Mine do. Hope to read more. Good luck with the A-Z!

  2. And then try living in another country where you speak the language like a 5 year old, or not at all. Suddenly one feels not very intelligent....


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