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A-Z Blogging Challenge: W is for Writing

Woah!  Shocker!  Beth is writing about writing.  But this time, it is at the request of my lovely Aunt, Tina Haydel, who recently moved to Louisiana (I miss her!).  After my last post about the process of writing, she sent me an email asking HOW I actually write, and she said I should share it with all of you.  So, here we go.

This is me writing.  Yay!
To start, most of my ideas come from dreams.  I'll wake up, usually with a line or an image in my head that doesn't want to go away.  It begs to be written, and I write it the next day.  Sometimes, all I get is a line out before I leave it alone.  Other times, a chapter or two will emerge.  Three times, I've used these lines or chapters to write a novel.

After capturing the idea, I start dev
eloping the characters and plot in my mind.  The main conflict usually comes first, followed by the climax, but that is as far as I go regarding plot development at the beginning. 

I then decide on my main characters and name them immediately.  For some reason, the name is very important to me, and helps develop my characters' personalities.  Once they have names, I very rarely change them.  It would be like changing my own name.

Finally, I'm ready to begin, and I do start by writing the first chapter.  After that, the novel usually moves chronologically until I'm about two-thirds done.  At that point, with the three novels I've written, my ideas leave me.  I stall out.  This period of time has lasted as little as a week or as long as a year, and it is because I don't know how the story should end.  But at some point, I have to decide on an ending in order to finish the book.  When I do, I write the last chapter, and then go back to where I left off and bring my characters to that end.

I've been known to let my characters do what they want.  They develop their own personalities, and at times veer from what I intended them to do.  I like it when this happens, however, because it makes me realize that this story is bigger than just my ideas.

When I'm finished, I revise it about five times.  Then my mom, sister, and husband read it, and I revise it more.  Only with Voices of the Sea did I gain enough confidence to let people outside my immediate family read the book for further critique.  That, of course, resulted in more revising. 

I've spoken to many authors, and I don't believe there is a right or a wrong way of writing a book.  This just happens to be my way.

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  2. I enjoy hearing about the writing process, and I love how it's often so different for many writers. I usually pick up a pointer or two. :)

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