Monday, April 28, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge: X is for Xanthippe

Xanthippe:  An ill-tempered woman.

In this case, I'll briefly share what makes me an ill-tempered mom.  I'm pretty sure every mom (and probably dad) out there will be able to relate.

No joke - the table was clean this morning.  Urge to
go ballistic rising. . . .
  1. Picking something up and putting it away, only to turn around and find something else is in its place. 
  2. Cleaning off a table before I go to bed, leaving for work with it still clean, and coming home to find it completely covered during the 30 minute period when I wasn't home but my husband and kids were.
  3. Being asked to find something that isn't hidden in the first place.  As in, I sit down for the first time that day, only to be called on to find an item.  I walk into the room and it is the first thing I see.  I'm getting heated just thinking about this one.
  4. When items are on the bottom of the stairs, waiting to go up, but everyone walks past them and just leaves them there. 
  5. When something I really like breaks.  I have to put on a happy face because I know it was an accident, but deep down I want to scream and cry and throw an adult temper tantrum.
  6. Making dinner and then listening to the kids complain about eating it.
  7. A terrible smell in the kitchen that I can't locate.

Okay, this is giving me some serious anxiety.  Time to stop before I become the X word above that I can't pronounce.

Beth's ill temper - 0
Learning a new word (sort of) - 1 

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