Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tour of "The Sea" - Days 11 and 12

I can't believe the tour is winding down already, but I have three places for you to visit today!

1.  Deal Sharing Aunt provides a great review of Voices of the Sea.  Check it out HERE!

2.  The Lit Ladies Interviewed me AND are doing a book giveaway.  It is so easy to enter.  Just go HERE.

3.  Lastly, Katherine Hajer, who hosted me a few days ago, completed a fantastic review of my book.  Read about it HERE.

And that's it!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Beth - 1
Deal Sharing Aunt - 1
Lit Ladies - 1
Katherine Hajer - 2 (featured me twice!)

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  1. Link 3 tries to go to webmail before redirecting - please update link. :-)


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