Thursday, October 2, 2014


In the past two days, I have played the emotional field, sprinting from one end to the next, all because I thought we might have bedbugs.

I still can't explain the bites on my legs, which our lovely Orkin man Ray thinks might be an allergic reaction to something.  He sagely suggested I wash all of our sheets, which were already off the bed and in the wash.

However, it is an amazing thing to experience a complete low, followed soon after by a complete high.

The Low:
  • Ray had us sign the paperwork downstairs, slapped on his blue rubber gloves and said in his New York accent twinged with years of Prince William County:  "I'm just gonna be honest with you.  Having bedbugs will break you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.  It'll be like a murder scene up there." 
Mike and I braced ourselves for the worst and followed him upstairs like we were going to identify a dead body.

The High:
  • Although my breath caught in my throat every time he picked up a piece of something and inspected it carefully, Ray checked every inch of our bed and the floor around it and found nothing.  Then he did a termite check and attic check and found nothing.  
I won't lie - Mike and I spent a crappy night sleeping in our children's beds, me without Mr. Squishy, my favorite pillow, while the kids slept on the floor, and Orkin charges a hefty fee to search for bed bugs.  But I would take that shitty night of sleep and pay that exorbitant fee just to sign that sweet, sweet, Bed Bug Inspection Report that had a check next to the "No Treatment Necessary" box again.

Beth - 1
Orkin - 1
Jillian for sleeping on the floor - 1
Bed Bugs - 0