Thursday, October 2, 2014


In the past two days, I have played the emotional field, sprinting from one end to the next, all because I thought we might have bedbugs.

I still can't explain the bites on my legs, which our lovely Orkin man Ray thinks might be an allergic reaction to something.  He sagely suggested I wash all of our sheets, which were already off the bed and in the wash.

However, it is an amazing thing to experience a complete low, followed soon after by a complete high.

The Low:
  • Ray had us sign the paperwork downstairs, slapped on his blue rubber gloves and said in his New York accent twinged with years of Prince William County:  "I'm just gonna be honest with you.  Having bedbugs will break you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.  It'll be like a murder scene up there." 
Mike and I braced ourselves for the worst and followed him upstairs like we were going to identify a dead body.

The High:
  • Although my breath caught in my throat every time he picked up a piece of something and inspected it carefully, Ray checked every inch of our bed and the floor around it and found nothing.  Then he did a termite check and attic check and found nothing.  
I won't lie - Mike and I spent a crappy night sleeping in our children's beds, me without Mr. Squishy, my favorite pillow, while the kids slept on the floor, and Orkin charges a hefty fee to search for bed bugs.  But I would take that shitty night of sleep and pay that exorbitant fee just to sign that sweet, sweet, Bed Bug Inspection Report that had a check next to the "No Treatment Necessary" box again.

Beth - 1
Orkin - 1
Jillian for sleeping on the floor - 1
Bed Bugs - 0


  1. So glad it was not bedbugs. Be careful in hotels. I have started a new meme called Memory Monday and hope you will join in.

  2. Hi Bethany! Elizabeth (I don't remember her last name!) suggested you might be able to help me spread the word about the short story contest I'm hosting this fall. It's free for them to enter and there are prizes! If you want to know more about it, you can check out the contest page at Bold New Worlds. The deadline to enter is November 10th and I'm starting to worry no one is going to enter. There are 4 great judges and $200 in the prize pot.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give. My email is on the blog.


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