Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Moving is Exciting and Expensive

We did it.  We moved.

Sure, my husband, two kids and I are temporarily shacking up with my parents, and the bedroom where I once spent my high-school years is now the room I share with my hubby, but we finally ditched the townhouse and are on our way to saving money for bigger and better things.

Moving is funny, really.  For instance, we lived in the townhouse for almost ten years, and simply put up with (ignored) light fixtures which needed replacing, crappy carpet that looked like it had gone twenty rounds with forty-two filthy cows, and a toilet paper holder that refused to stay on the wall.  Stains on the ceiling?  We didn't care.  Weeds taking over the backyard?  Psh.  We could live with it.  In fact, we could live with everything, until we had to sell it.

Turns out our house cleans up very nicely.  It's actually classy now that we've moved out.

Unfortunately, the amount of money we've spent to purge ourselves of this unwanted townhouse is obscene.  Everything needed to fix up the house, to get it cleaned by maids, and to hire movers, far exceeded my expectations.  I cry every time I look at my empty savings account.

But deep down, I think it's worth it.  We'll get a fresh start in a new, single-family home, away from the congestion of Centreville.  Hopefully it will be somewhere that, when I look up at the sky, I can see a dark night full of stars, and the sounds I hear won't be the rush of cars on Rte 66, but instead the rustling of trees or hooting of owls.  Okay, that's cheesy and cliche, but you get the idea.

See-ya Centreville.  It's been real.

Beth - 1
Dumpy townhouse we couldn't be happier to get rid of - 0
Maids, Movers and Repair-men - $1,000,000,000