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World-Building Research Guidelines - Guest Post!

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A detailed and well-developed imaginary world is the backbone of every good sci-fi and fantasy story. For an imaginary world to be believable, it needs to be supported with plenty of small details by the writer of the story. Moreover, a reader must feel like he is inside of a story, witnessing every scene with his own eyes. Little do regular people know that writing such a story is easier said than done. For starters, a writer needs to conduct a thorough world-building research, one that will include even the most minuscule things, such as the characters` choice of food and drinks. Therefore, having some guidelines can be helpful when creating your own world. 

There are no boundaries to your imaginary world.

Three main categories of world-building 

Before dealing with the key elements of any world, whether fictional or real, a writer needs to have three main categories of world-building in mind. 
  • The first category is that of imaginary worlds. What is typical for this category is that the writer has to come up with an entire fictional universe, oftentimes including more than one planet. Mostly used by fantasy writers.
  • Next, there is the category of an alternate reality. Here, we have the basics of the world we know, with a couple of altered details. Mostly used by science fiction writers. 
  • Lastly, we have the category of actual locations. As the name itself implies, this category is the one of the world as we know it, and it has no made-up details. Due to its nature, it is mostly used by novel writers. 
Clearly, world-building is only necessary and essential for the first two categories. Sci-fi and fantasy writers are the ones who have their work cut out for them when it comes to the world-building process. 

The beginnings of a world-building research

In the initial stages of planning the storyline of your work, it is necessary to decide what inspires you. Do you wish to base your imaginative world on some country from the real world? Which real-life creatures do you want to utilize for your story? One smart way to keep track of your thoughts is to create a concise overview in the form of a list. It is a known fact that using a bulletin board is one of the best writing hacks

Even though you might be a poetic soul, who is enamored with the smell of books and who wishes to be able to live in the 18th century, you are still going to have to use the 21st-century technologies for writing your story. Once you sit down at your computer, you need to use Google, or some other search engine, to get the details necessary for your story. Perhaps you will have to research the French law or the Australian animals. Remember, your imagination has no boundaries.

To create a world of your own, you need to research the real one, first.

For example, you might be writing a story about an alien invasion. Wikipedia and similar search engines could be your best allies for finding out all the information relevant to your story. Which planets do you plan to include? Will you be working with uninhabited planets from the real life? Only after you gather the needed knowledge can you start working on your story. 

Moreover, in the age we live in, it is not rare for writers to have their own websites on which they publish their stories. This presents a unique opportunity for amateur writers to earn some money, and get their name out there. If your purpose is to live solely on the money you earn from writing, then you should optimize your website for search engines. With this extra help, who knows how far you will get in your career. 

The key components to include in your research

The bulletin board would not be complete without the key elements, would it? When creating a world of your own, there are a few things a writer should be mindful of. 

The geography of your world arguably plays the most important role. Will your fictive planet be Earth-like, or will it resemble some other planet from the Solar system? What about the cities and their names? When creating the geography of your planet, have the complete storyline in your mind. Does your story involve time-traveling or alien invasion? The plot decides what your new planet will be like. 

Culture and history are what shapes a nation as a whole. They are what gives us personality and makes us into the human beings we are. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of thought and effort when creating the history of your planet. Will your world come from a rich cultural and historical background? Are you planning on creating a tortured world, plagued with horrible historical events? The options are limitless, and you are the one to make the final choice. 

Government and economy shape the modern world. Do you plan on creating a lawless country, where money has no value? Are your plans to make a futuristic society, where the storyline revolves around the economic welfare? Your story cannot go in two ways. 

Finally, you need to make some small decisions, which hold a lot of significance. For example, what type of clothing will the characters in your story wear? Will they hunt for their own food, or will there be lavish feasts? After all, the world is based on details, and these details decide whether the readers will find your story believable or not. 

When world-building research is thorough and comprehensive, the end result always leads to captivated audience.

If you approach the task of conducting a word-building research seriously, there will be a small chance for failure. Remember, even if you are still an aspiring artist, there is an opportunity for you to become a household name. With some dedication, and effort, you can create a website where you can publish your stories. If well-developed and optimized, your website will be a success. Moreover, if unsure how to create such a website, feel free to contact a professional in the field. Every field has SEO experts, and like moversdev.com/ is an expert in the moving industry, there are plenty of them for your purpose. Don`t shy away from using the advantages of living in the 21st century.

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